Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mafia war : Holiday Special - >Tips and Tricks

So holidays are all here.. and mafia is celebrating too...

so there are several important announcement...

1) Collect 5 reward clicking on the link...

2) 10 another reward points can be collected from job publish of special job by clicking the grab your share button

So u got 15 points and u can tag urself and be more powerful....

3) Ask for gifts and help those who ask for gifts...5 help per day will give u a choice of 109 XP, 50 energy and 10 stamina... i chose 50 energy .. as chances are there that I might get wheelman bonus....or mastermind bonus or loot weapons too...

So enjoy the holidays... and get tagged in any clan.... as robbing is gonna return who will help ya then..huh ?? :P

take care and Muaaah

happpy holidays:) and if u want  a cheap ski holdiays  then u know where to look :)

Your Firendly friendly neighbourhood capo..

Sourish Karmakar a.k.a. [DKF]{Sicilians}Rafael - Level 330


  1. this is cool, beb.appreciate it ,mmuaxx

  2. lol.. pagalpanti ise hi kahate hai :p

    all d best jaanu :)


  3. One thing of note is that the amount of experience, etc is based on level. I was 244 and was offered 81 xp, 40 energy and I believe 5 stamina.


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