Friday, May 15, 2009


is a unique platform that enables professionals and students to research employers and salaries across industry sectors and locations.
JobeeHive enables users to rate/review companies (they have worked for), research on salaries or a prospective employer as well as get more info about a company - be it job offers, layoffs, announcements, business opportunities, etc. The site provides rare salary information that helps professionals understand salaries, benefits and pay hikes in different companies across job grades and locations. And in the backdrop, JobeeHive is a platform to build a career network and interact with diverse industry professionals to tap their knowledge/ contacts.
JobeeHive incorporates all these utilities and more so that you have a blend of opinions and facts to help you choose your next move in your career or business with an enhanced sense of confidence. BETA version was launched in September 2008 and today it is one of the biggest employer reviews sites in the world with 20,000+ reviews. in News!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving house made Easier - MOVEME

There is a new website which offers you the best solution while moving or shifting to a new place.
it is
The website helps you with

* Planning yourr move
* Getting FREE Quotes
* Connecting home services

But apart from all that ...the facilities that this site provides is gives u all the informations necessary for moving, which includes rent infos, property solicitors infos , home surveys , mortgage infos... and you can defn check it in the rent buy and sell option in the website

The other features included with the facilities are removal company, which is actually the help to shift ur place to the new one with help of moving company and removal includes all the information necessary for the transportation of the goods. from Man and van.

the other advantages inlcudes the connection supplies..they will definitely help you with establishing new connection water, gas and electricity, internet, phone and others...this will not only save your time but if you compare with others it will save a lot of bucks..

apart from that you can also use their help to alter the security system and other features.. the best way is just go for it
and check out their website. The website is user friendly and it is easy to browse with proper links embedded there.. and I am sure you will like this multi utility website

Oh btw u can get all the necessary advices too requirred for smooth and legal moving your locations and that too in a cheap rate.

The best way is follow the links for the informations that I give you and you will know what a wonderful site you got.

So what are you gues waiting just go and check the website and believe me you will thank me for the information I gave you here...just click the site if you want to move or if you want to change your lifestyle for your better good...and don't worry about the finances..they will help u with it too :)

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