Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moscow boss level unlock ...

Hi frnds....

Many of you have inquired for the Russian boss level link while I was away...

I don't know whether the link will work... but do ensure that u complete all the jobs of that level in moscow  before attempting them....


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Friday, December 25, 2009

Bangkok loots and Gameplay...

This info is flying around and landed on my lap...thought I share it with you...

Bangkok Loot Items...
Attack Cobra, Komodo Dragon, Jade Inlaid Pistol, Forest Scorpion, Hung Fa RPG, Cleaver, Tanto, Type-103 Machine Gun, Scalding Hot Tea, TAR-21 (Rename), Harpoon Cannon, Typhoon Cleaver

Muai Thai Bodyguard, Silk Scarf, Monk's Robe, Royal Thai Army Beret, Optical Camo Suit, Ronin Armor, Tiger Sak Yant

Riding Elephant, Royal Thai Army Jeep, Dirt Bike, Lloyds Spectre, Bosozoku Convertible, MalayMobil Helang, Seua Daao Sub, Kage Jet, Armored War Elephant, Royal Thai Police Tank, Fugama Kame SUV

For the inventory items (stuff that you can buy):

Chinese Army Knife, Chinese Army Pistol, Thai Sword, Bullhook, Bo Staff, Chinese Army Assault Rifle, Raion Assault Rifle, Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun

Silk PJs, Wrist Wraps, Khen Shield, Royal Thai Army Helmet, Tabi, Kowloon Police Uniform, Yakuza Assasin, Shaolin Bodyguard

Tuk Tuk, Moped, Long Boat, Thai Compact, Japanese Sedan, Junk, Fugama Hasu (Lotus), PLA Armored Car
As we all have seen, Bangkok will be the next Mafia Wars expansion.

Prior to the opening of the territory and being allowed to travel to it, players have to collect three loot items from other areas of the game. Once the territory if open and ready players will have to choose which side they are going to join, the Yakuza or the Triads, both of which are organized crime syndicates in Japan. The side players choose will determine the jobs they do to progress in the game.

Loot Items Required
In order to be ready for the release of Bangkok, players must locate three loot items. Once these items are in their possession they will be given their passport to travel. The passport will not be sent to players until Bangkok opens for business. The loot items needed are:
* Triad Coin
* Yakuza Sake
* Thai Note
The jobs they can be looted from are:
* NY - Soldier
* NY - Enforcer
* NY - Hitman
Players can find the loot items by doing the jobs on these levels that are marked with a golden elephant. It may take several times doing the job to acquire the item but once it is acquired a notification displayed showing it has been added to the Bangkok list of necessary items.

Choosing Sides

Zynga offers little information on how to choose sides other than the message on the Bangkok home page statement concerning the fight for control of criminal markets of Thailand. To help choose sides, some background information on their behaviors and typical activities can be useful.

The Yakuza

The Yakuza’s origin in Japanese syndicated crime traces back to the 17th century. According to Miyuki Sundara of the Organized Crime Registry the Yakuza are an all male organized crime group. Their activities include blackmail, illegal gambling, casinos, prostitution and smuggling. These activities will be what the jobs in game play will be based upon.

I always think of the "Fast and the Furious - Toyko Drift," movie when I hear of the Japanese Yakuza! Great fun and lovely ladies in every scene!!

The Triads

Originally the Triads started as a resistance to the Manchurian Emperor. According to the website their name comes from the unity of the Three Harmonies Society, the union of Heaven, Earth and Man. Criminal activities included counterfeiting money and later counterfeiting products such as watches and other pricey items, as technology advanced they added pornography and piracy.

Both the Triads and the Yakuza are powerful crime syndicates that control the underground world in Bangkok. Players in Facebook Mafia Wars can use these basic ideas on the groups to determine which side they want to join when they start Bangkok.

So pick ur side wisely ...though it is not officially announced ..I am so Yakuza... :D but it is not official endorsement from me...let it come first... :)
and I am leaving for snowboarding holidays if u wanna join .. U can always find cheap ski options from the link...

Ur frndly neighbourhood capo..

[DKF]{Sicilians} Rafael

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Mafia War changes in 2010 as said By GM , Justin

Overall, 2009 was a great year for Mafia Wars. And although we had some issues towards the end of the year, we were able to fix most of the bugs while prepping many of the exciting features that promises to make 2010 a banner year for Mafia Wars. Some of the features we have in store for you in the coming months:

New Years Job: We're heading into 2010 in exciting fashion with a featured job starting December 28th and running through January 4th. This featured job will give you even more options than before including choosing different missions with different payouts.

Release of new city - Bangkok: Originally slated to debut in December 2009, Bangkok will finally make its premiere in January 2010. We intentionally delayed Bangkok to fine-tune it for an improved game experience.

Multi-item gifting: We're making it easier for you to make your mafia stronger by providing multi-item gifting.

Translations: For our many international players, we will be adding translations of Mafia Wars in many different languages in addition to our current offering.

Robbing: We heard you loud and clear, we're bringing back robbing in a new and improved format.

In addition to features, we are also enhancing community outreach through various initiatives:

Developers Days: A series of intimate meetups between players and Mafia product team members where idea generation and candid conversations can take place.

Exclusive Betas: Preview, testing, and feedback of features by users before full release.

Weekly Giveaways, Rewards, Contests: Bigger and better giveaways, contests, and rewards.

Thank you very much for supporting Mafia Wars and making it the best game on the web. We feel very lucky and fortunate to have you as players and feel humbled to be building features for you all.

Have a happy holidays and a wonderful new year!
On behalf of the Mafia Wars Team,

Justin, General Manager,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mafia war : Holiday Special - >Tips and Tricks

So holidays are all here.. and mafia is celebrating too...

so there are several important announcement...

1) Collect 5 reward clicking on the link...

2) 10 another reward points can be collected from job publish of special job by clicking the grab your share button

So u got 15 points and u can tag urself and be more powerful....

3) Ask for gifts and help those who ask for gifts...5 help per day will give u a choice of 109 XP, 50 energy and 10 stamina... i chose 50 energy .. as chances are there that I might get wheelman bonus....or mastermind bonus or loot weapons too...

So enjoy the holidays... and get tagged in any clan.... as robbing is gonna return who will help ya then..huh ?? :P

take care and Muaaah

happpy holidays:) and if u want  a cheap ski holdiays  then u know where to look :)

Your Firendly friendly neighbourhood capo..

Sourish Karmakar a.k.a. [DKF]{Sicilians}Rafael - Level 330

Monday, November 30, 2009

Chalets and holidays :)

An extensive range of chalets

What else to love more than a traditional wooden chalets of all sizes, apart-chalets situated within apartment buildings and purpose built chalets with accommodation for larger groups.
Booking a whole chalet with another family or a group of ski friends is a popular option as it is so much fun to be living on your own with lots of fun and food and warmth....

So if you wanna book a chalet this year in christmas in some snowy mountains for some snowboarding holidays.... u need to take a look and plan ahead... so is actually fun :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Contnuation about crystal ski...

Spend Christmas skiing on snow - capped peaks wi

Everyone deserves a treat at Christmas, so why not make it one to remember and spend this Christmas skiing in the mountains. Instead of dozing off in front of the TV, hit the slopes for a day of skiing, or simply get out in the snow and enjoy a white Christmas in the great outdoors with all the family. Give the gift of snow this Christmas and your festive shopping list will be all wrapped up!!!

and what more will be better  than a cheap ski holdiays ????

So visit the site and book now ..I heard they are giving a 120$ discount as early bird prizes :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Crystal holidays ????


Why choose Crystal?

ski holidays are tailored to suit families with children of all ages.They offer children's meals, evening clubs, private nannies and the highest safety standards to assure you that your child is In Safe Hands.
They do offer advice on what to pack and further info for parents as well as providing pre-bookable extras, including baby-packs and monitors for the youngest passengers.

Your choice of family accommodation

Their family resorts and accommodation offer the perfect setting for your ski holidays with family rooms, FREE kids offers and one parent savers.
Enjoy the additional benefits of the family plus chalets and family club hotels, including private nannies, children's meals and special discounts.

Ok that's what their website precisely say in more or less same do check it out... :) and it is recommended quite high

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alpbach: Austria

Going with the crystal ski...... We choose our next destination that is Austria .. Alpbach village

What the website say.... :

Alpbach is one of Austria's most picturesque villages - a true winter wonderland. The skiing is excellent for beginners and intermediates, with some challenging off-piste skiing for the advanced. The sweeping ski slopes of the Alpbach area are amongst the most attractive in the Alps and you can enjoy relaxed après ski and a friendly atmosphere in the charming village centre.

Alpbach Après Ski
Alpbach offers a few good bars and an informal night club:
· Jakober · Waschkuchl · Postalm
· Swimming · Snowshoe walking · Torchlight walks · Fondue evening · Sleigh rides · Floodlit tobogganing · Excursions to Innsbruck or Salzburg
Eating out in Alpbach
A good variety of restaurants in and around Alpbach:
· The Post · Alphof · Berghof · Dolce Vita · Rosmoos · Messner's · Reblaus · Speciality meals include fondue evenings at Jakober or Rossmoos and Kaiserschmarrn at the Zottahof · 3-course evening meals from approx. €15-20
Other amenities
· Banks and cashpoints · Supermarket · Post office · Small selection of shops

Do check out the website for more details:

skiing in austria

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Gastein ski resort

Contrary to the name..this is one the most picturesque place that u can ever imagine... do check out the  Crystal Ski website for details

What the website says... :

The extensive Gasteinertal ski area is one of the largest in Austria. The attractive town of Bad Gastein has a bustling centre and excellent amenities, not to mention the famous spa (see 'Ski & Spa'). If you're looking for a great nightlife you can begin with après ski' and continue into the early hours! The skiing and boarding is superb - you need almost never take the same piste twice in a week, and if you head off-piste with a guide the area almost doubles again!

Bad Gastein Après Ski
Good choice of lively and cosmopolitan nightspots with an impressive casino for those wishing to have a flutter. Try: • Silver Bullet • Hexen Häusl • Bergfex • Chill Out
· Spa centres (see 'Ski & Spa' box) · Ice skating and curling · Tobogganing · Sleigh rides · Ice climbing · Snow shoe walking
Eating out in Bad Gastein
A superb choice of restaurants catering for all tastes and pockets · 3-course dinner from €20-25.
Other amenities
· Casino · Stylish shops and boutiques · Banks · Many lovely winter walks · Excursions to Salzburg.

do check it out skiing in austria

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crystal ski

what the website says :

At Crystal we're always striving to make the best even better. We've added new destinations, resorts and services to our selection, making a skiing holiday with Crystal even more enticing.

The place I liked:

bulgaria ski holidays

The Snezhanka (meaning Snow White), combines traditional Bulgarian craftmanship with modern comfort and standards. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains can be enjoyed from many of the public areas. The spacious apartments are ideal for a family of four.

So do visit the site and have lovely holidays...

Friday, May 15, 2009


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JobeeHive enables users to rate/review companies (they have worked for), research on salaries or a prospective employer as well as get more info about a company - be it job offers, layoffs, announcements, business opportunities, etc. The site provides rare salary information that helps professionals understand salaries, benefits and pay hikes in different companies across job grades and locations. And in the backdrop, JobeeHive is a platform to build a career network and interact with diverse industry professionals to tap their knowledge/ contacts.
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JobeeHive telecasted on UTVi Cracking Careers Program Vishwas Mudagal's interview on DNA Money
JobeeHive featured in Top 10 indian startups JobeeHive review on Killer Startups
JobeeHive on Times Ascent article JobeeHive among top 30 startups chosen for HeadStart 2009

JobeeHive on Economic Times article

Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving house made Easier - MOVEME

There is a new website which offers you the best solution while moving or shifting to a new place.
it is
The website helps you with

* Planning yourr move
* Getting FREE Quotes
* Connecting home services

But apart from all that ...the facilities that this site provides is gives u all the informations necessary for moving, which includes rent infos, property solicitors infos , home surveys , mortgage infos... and you can defn check it in the rent buy and sell option in the website

The other features included with the facilities are removal company, which is actually the help to shift ur place to the new one with help of moving company and removal includes all the information necessary for the transportation of the goods. from Man and van.

the other advantages inlcudes the connection supplies..they will definitely help you with establishing new connection water, gas and electricity, internet, phone and others...this will not only save your time but if you compare with others it will save a lot of bucks..

apart from that you can also use their help to alter the security system and other features.. the best way is just go for it
and check out their website. The website is user friendly and it is easy to browse with proper links embedded there.. and I am sure you will like this multi utility website

Oh btw u can get all the necessary advices too requirred for smooth and legal moving your locations and that too in a cheap rate.

The best way is follow the links for the informations that I give you and you will know what a wonderful site you got.

So what are you gues waiting just go and check the website and believe me you will thank me for the information I gave you here...just click the site if you want to move or if you want to change your lifestyle for your better good...and don't worry about the finances..they will help u with it too :)

Go and grab the opportunity now

just click the link


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The lake of my dreams is shifted to a new ID :D

so do update ur link...

Contrary to deleting..I think I will use this blog for blabbering and blasting out my boredom :D

So U can have fun here too...wateva u wish...but main blog will be The lake of my dreams update ur links accordingly..

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This blog is dead......

Shifted to a new url...

If u want to check that... please go to The lake of my dreams and correct out ur feed settings in ur bloglist..taking out time...only if you want to....

This blog I will delete in few days....

Happy bucks