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Bangkok loots and Gameplay...

This info is flying around and landed on my lap...thought I share it with you...

Bangkok Loot Items...
Attack Cobra, Komodo Dragon, Jade Inlaid Pistol, Forest Scorpion, Hung Fa RPG, Cleaver, Tanto, Type-103 Machine Gun, Scalding Hot Tea, TAR-21 (Rename), Harpoon Cannon, Typhoon Cleaver

Muai Thai Bodyguard, Silk Scarf, Monk's Robe, Royal Thai Army Beret, Optical Camo Suit, Ronin Armor, Tiger Sak Yant

Riding Elephant, Royal Thai Army Jeep, Dirt Bike, Lloyds Spectre, Bosozoku Convertible, MalayMobil Helang, Seua Daao Sub, Kage Jet, Armored War Elephant, Royal Thai Police Tank, Fugama Kame SUV

For the inventory items (stuff that you can buy):

Chinese Army Knife, Chinese Army Pistol, Thai Sword, Bullhook, Bo Staff, Chinese Army Assault Rifle, Raion Assault Rifle, Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun

Silk PJs, Wrist Wraps, Khen Shield, Royal Thai Army Helmet, Tabi, Kowloon Police Uniform, Yakuza Assasin, Shaolin Bodyguard

Tuk Tuk, Moped, Long Boat, Thai Compact, Japanese Sedan, Junk, Fugama Hasu (Lotus), PLA Armored Car
As we all have seen, Bangkok will be the next Mafia Wars expansion.

Prior to the opening of the territory and being allowed to travel to it, players have to collect three loot items from other areas of the game. Once the territory if open and ready players will have to choose which side they are going to join, the Yakuza or the Triads, both of which are organized crime syndicates in Japan. The side players choose will determine the jobs they do to progress in the game.

Loot Items Required
In order to be ready for the release of Bangkok, players must locate three loot items. Once these items are in their possession they will be given their passport to travel. The passport will not be sent to players until Bangkok opens for business. The loot items needed are:
* Triad Coin
* Yakuza Sake
* Thai Note
The jobs they can be looted from are:
* NY - Soldier
* NY - Enforcer
* NY - Hitman
Players can find the loot items by doing the jobs on these levels that are marked with a golden elephant. It may take several times doing the job to acquire the item but once it is acquired a notification displayed showing it has been added to the Bangkok list of necessary items.

Choosing Sides

Zynga offers little information on how to choose sides other than the message on the Bangkok home page statement concerning the fight for control of criminal markets of Thailand. To help choose sides, some background information on their behaviors and typical activities can be useful.

The Yakuza

The Yakuza’s origin in Japanese syndicated crime traces back to the 17th century. According to Miyuki Sundara of the Organized Crime Registry the Yakuza are an all male organized crime group. Their activities include blackmail, illegal gambling, casinos, prostitution and smuggling. These activities will be what the jobs in game play will be based upon.

I always think of the "Fast and the Furious - Toyko Drift," movie when I hear of the Japanese Yakuza! Great fun and lovely ladies in every scene!!

The Triads

Originally the Triads started as a resistance to the Manchurian Emperor. According to the website their name comes from the unity of the Three Harmonies Society, the union of Heaven, Earth and Man. Criminal activities included counterfeiting money and later counterfeiting products such as watches and other pricey items, as technology advanced they added pornography and piracy.

Both the Triads and the Yakuza are powerful crime syndicates that control the underground world in Bangkok. Players in Facebook Mafia Wars can use these basic ideas on the groups to determine which side they want to join when they start Bangkok.

So pick ur side wisely ...though it is not officially announced ..I am so Yakuza... :D but it is not official endorsement from me...let it come first... :)
and I am leaving for snowboarding holidays if u wanna join .. U can always find cheap ski options from the link...

Ur frndly neighbourhood capo..

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