Friday, November 25, 2011

Face off: Roku LT vs Apple TV

Apple TV and Roku LT are the tow of the leading options for streaming digital media. They both have several advantages over their contenders. They are budget friendly, extremely easy to handle and have enormous range of functions. They are comparatively smaller to have advantageous set up with home televisions. However, if you are going to buy a streaming media box, then you need to choose the best among them. Here you will be seeing a faceoff between the performance evaluation of Apple TV and Roku LT to help you decide the best one for you. Therefore, let us evaluate the faceoff between Apple TV and Roku LT.
Round one:
The first round of faceoff is based on the comparison between the two streaming boxes. For that, you need to know about the Roku Lt and Apple TV.
Roku LT got the editor’s choice award for price and variety of content. It costs only US$50 yet it has the entire major broadcaster lined up as services. It has Netflix, Pandora, HBO, Game Center, Picasa, Flickr, CNET, NASA and numerous others as the content. The company has an extensive list in their website. However, the editor’s choice award is due to its ever-increasing content updating.
Apple TV, on the other hand is all about providing the quality of the product. You cannot dismiss its claim to the throne due to its highly versatile browsing capability. Apple TV is twice as expensive. The services are not cheap but they provide you with the best available content if you are willing to pay the right price. The Browsing and navigation is the baseline behind the Apple TV. It is not cheap but the content it provides competes with the best. 
The design of the two streaming system us quite different, Roku LT is very handy and tiny is shape and size than the Apple TV. The front panel is extremely simple with just a dim light glowing to know its status. The Apple TV on the other hand is very vibrant in color. However, it is bit bulkier than Roku LT.
It is not always the size and cost that win a faceoff; it is all about being the smarter and better in terms of features.
Roku LT may not have a vibrant look but it can be connected to even the old Cathode ray based TV system with its HDMI based protocol and mini-jack attachment.  Roku LT has a small collection of games. However, they are not that much important when compared to its wide content services. The Roku LT has Ethernet ports, SD card slot and USB port to help it be connected to various gadgets of our daily use. It can be connected with cameras, mobile phones and other gadgets that use separate memory sticks. The Roku even have internet connectivity with its low powered wireless based broadband connection.
Apple TV has much smaller features compared to Roku LT. However, the browsing capability is state of the art. It is quite useful when you can pay the price for the best content. The navigation is very easy. It has a huge collection of paid service that can be browsed. The best feature is Apple Airplay technology lets you connect to all your Apple devices to have more usage. They can be connected to these devices. It even allows you to play the content from your iPad or iPods. However, the best service is its content transfer capability. If you have purchased a TV series, you can take them with your phone and watch them on journey. The streaming box allows you to transfer paid contents to other apple devices.
In terms of cost and size, Roku LT is clear winner. It is half the price of Apple TV. However, the color of LT box is total disaster.
In terms of content diversity, Roku LT is a clear winner as it has the largest collection of different broadcasters. Apple TV does not have contents but if you are willing to pay the price, it gives you the best content available in with highest rotten Tomatoes rating. Therefore, we can clearly keep both of them together in term of quality of performance. However, the delivery of the performance keeps Roku LT ahead of all competitors.
In terms of connectivity, Apple TV is clearly a winner as it has rich browsing capability if the services are properly paid. It can connect and transfer the data faster to and from your Apple iPhone or iPads.
However, overall the winner is the Roku LT as it is half the price of Apple TV but delivers quadruple amount features.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunrise at Assi Ghat - Varanasi

Watching the sun rise behind the water is every photographer's dream...and Assi ghat is the only place I've visited so far that has the perfect setting of a rising sun as backdrop to serene river Ganges.. the holy river..

Assi Ghat is in Varanasi, the place we call it beyond the earth..situated on the Trishul of lord Shiva.. the only place in India where the river Ganges flow south to North.. a place full of colors.. a place so vibrant that you will feel every color soaking though the water in your veins filling your heart with joy...

Going by the history.. Varanasi is the oldest known living civilization in the world...a place so densely packed with life that you will feel lost in it.. it is the place of religion and every religion have a history linked through Varanasi...Lord Shiva used to spend his vacations here.. Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas here.. Sant Ravidas preached here.. Muslims have their shrine just built near Lord Shiva's temple.. a holy place for them too.. Budhism has its oldest roots in Sarnath... and thus the place is always rushed with tourists... people all over the world comes here to forget the pain and feel the serenity ... This is the only place where you can actually feel the supreme power close to your heart..guiding each and every step of your life...

The aarti, the temples, the food..everything is just wonderful in Varanasi...the people are simple.. the gullys are tighter but the hearts of the residents are bigger...every street is filled with joy and harmony....

Assi ghat has a place and history in every BHU students life...the ghat where we sleep overnight just to feel the breeze and watch the is the comfort that we seek with our busy academic schedule.. it is just a place with wonders..

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