Thursday, July 22, 2010


Florida is in south east of America... a place well known for its beaches and southern culture. Nicknamed the sunshine state, Florida hosts a subtropical weather with full of warmth and holidays. Housing Miami, Jacksonville and Tallahasse, Florida is much popular among tourists..It is one of the oldest place named by european which still has the name unchanged. Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish conquistador, named the region in honor of his discovery of the land on the evening April 2, 1513, six days after Easter and still during Pascua Florida, a Spanish term for the "Flowery Easter" season.The state line begins in the Atlantic Ocean, traveling west, south, and north up the thalweg of the Saint Mary's River.

The climate of Florida is tempered somewhat by the fact that no part of the state is very distant from the ocean. North of Lake Okeechobee, the prevalent climate is humid subtropical, while coastal areas south of the lake (including the Florida Keys) have a true tropical climate. An ideal weather for beachlovers and other water sport enthusiasts. With lots of beautiful surroundings , Florida is beautiful with lots of beach inhabitants with some clothing optional beaches too though it is not much advertised.

Oh by the way the famous walt disney resort is also locatated there..encompassing four theme parks, two water parks, 24 on-site themed resort hotels (excluding 8 that are on-site, but not owned by the Walt Disney Company), including a campground, two health spas and fitness centers, and other recreational venues and entertainment. so don't think much plan your Florida Family Holidays now.. and enjoy the tropical sun and sandy beaches...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Travelling to London

Contrary to popular belief ...the london even when not so densely populated is one of the place where it is easy to do a drive by... not that drive by that you used to do in GTA.. it is the way european prefers... travel by car..complete your work and then travel out in the same car..may it be personal and may it be rented... Business wise London is world's important trade centre with most of the euro trades going on..the real estate opportunites are also good and the laws not so stringent... London is also a destination for student.. most of my friends are studying there... though some of them were not so lucky when UK adminstration started to crack down the illegally mushroomed universities ... London is also one of favourite travel destination of Indians.. with a quite a larger population. Several coumties are filled with Indians and the flavour of famous Indian Curry...

For tourism, starting from Airport to Grand Station , Bridges to monuments..everything about London is fascinating.. Though Thames got largely polluted due to the sewer lines.. but now the cleanliness program of Thames is another major attraction. So visit London and for the best enjoyment you need to stay in hotels in London city centre with swimming pool. London is truly fascinating in terms of colonial culture with the best collection form entire world in their museum .. say thanks to their colonisation.. you can view the entire art history there at one place... So if you happen to make a travel plan ..don't miss the London

Monday, July 5, 2010

Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world housing the biggest casinos with thousands of players gambling with millions of dollars of daily business...Welcome to LAS VEGAS...the densely populated city of Nevada. Las Vegas was established in 1905 and got the label of city in 1911. Las Vegas is situated on the arid desert floor within Clark County. The surrounding environment is dominated by desert vegetation and some wildlife, and the area is subject to torrential flash floods...and now USA's 28th most populated city and a favourite destination for retired wealthy people...
Las vegas is famous for its adult entertainment and that's the reason of it being the infamous Sin City. Sin City tag drags a lot of tourists here and the movie with the same name also caused the reason of its popularity. Adult entertainment and lots of gambling is the main reason ..I will recommend you to visit the place if you are tensed and bored of your life. Go for Holidays to Las Vegas and enjoy till you feel loved and lost... Contrary to popular belief even the poor can visit the place and afffford a vacation package but of course of you don't have millions to lose ..don't go for gambling... just play the roulette and the slots...The major attractions in Las Vegas are the casinos and the hotels. The most famous hotel casinos are located on Las Vegas Boulevard on the Las Vegas Strip. These larger casinos are located outside of the city. Many of these hotels are massive, providing thousands of rooms, with their large adjoining casino areas.

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