Thursday, June 10, 2010

Animals In Mafia wars

I logged in to find animals have been kicked in and suddenly I found myself on loosing side on fight page.. I was 20000 less in weapons...I panicked.. but You don't have to..

My mind clicked.. if they have started animal ..they need to give it in inventory too :P...

So.. there they were..

Cuban Inventory
killer bee swarm
29 20

Russian inventory
musk ox
23 attack 28 defense

Ny inventory
red tailed hawk
25 attack and 22 defense

Bangkok inventory
Inland Taipan
21 att and 30 def

My suggestion is.. if u have completed cuba/moscow... sell all the weapons armors and vehicles u own... and buy them.. Bangkok is too costly but if u have money better buy from faction stores..

Apart from that u can get riding elephant ( 12 att, 30 def ) from Criminal tiers in triads and commandant tier has Forest scorpions (25 att, 37 def)  with Yakuza and u can get Chain vipers (46 att, 33 def ) from Assassin tier ...

Moscow money was too short for me..and the animal is exorbitantly priced.. I was not able to buy all but then I have plenty of NY money so i bought the hawks...

We will be soon incorporating the animals in our allowance system for the [DKF] tagged players as calculation are going on.. so the tagged players are requested to Send Chrisostomos their stats..
which include
ur all 5 skill points, ur level, ur tagged name, how many minibuff u use and how many lvl jump u manage in one day.. ur 501 weapons, armors, vehicles and all animals u have.. both during attack n defense. ASAP...

If you need to tag then contact me

For any other query u can contact me..

Love and Regards,
Sourish Karmakar aka [DKF]ƒöЯÇ€
Admin [DKF]

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