Monday, April 26, 2010

Yukon - a larger than life experience

Are you the one who breathes in and breathes out adventure? Do you want to break free from your boring daily life and mingle with the wild and adventurous nature? Then surely you belong to Yukon- a land of untamed wilderness, with outdoor adventures like no other. True! It is Canada’s smallest of three territories but “Larger than life” is its tourism motto. And it actually lives up to it. Catch Cheap Flights to Toronto and enjoy the exotic experience of the life time

You just need to close your eyes and can feel the crisp Yukon air. Rejuvenate your senses by smelling the spruce sap and the earthy scent of tundra. Are you the braveheart who can listen to the excited howls of husky sled dogs? With your open eyes you will transcend to your land of dreams once you witness the beauty of Yukon landscapes under dancing aurora borealis. No other experience could ever match the feeling you would have once you canoe a Yukon River and dip your hands into the clearest of water you have ever seen. You'll be fascinated by caribou migrations, First Nations culture and the northern pioneer character.

While the cross-country skiing or snowmobile rules during the winter, summer is an incredible time to explore the Yukon. Midnight Sun gives you almost unlimited time to enjoy a wide variety of adventures. You can hike or paddle in spectacular Kluane National Park and Reserve, go for fishing and rafting in Mc Neil River, Aurora Borealis tour, Pan for gold, hike the Tombstones, learn to mush, drive the Dempster crossing the Arctic Circle en route. And that’s not all. These are just the tip of an iceberg. With its arms wide open Yukon is waiting for you. Go explore it!

Yukon surely is a larger than life experience. Stay awhile—you won't want to leave


  1. Hello, I work with the Canadian Tourism Commission and I just wanted to compliment you on your post about the Yukon. I also wanted to let you know we have a bunch of videos up on our YouTube Channel that you are more than welcome to embed:

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks a lot mate... the credit all goes to my girl friend..who wrote the larger part of it

  3. Thanks a lot mate... the credit all goes to my girl friend..who wrote the larger part of it


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